How to Save Monthly Mobile Costs with Mobile Contract Haggling Tips


60% of mobile customers in UK who try to haggle for better mobile contract deals were able to negotiate for better deals. The percentage also varied with the mobile network company. For instance, 73% of Vodafone customers managed to negotiate for better deals. For your information, haggling is rather an art than a science. If you are not good at haggling, you don’t have to worry. As for good hagglers, these tips will be very handy to help them decide on a better approach of negotiating for a smart deal.

Inquire about a better tariff

This is the first step to the approach and also the simplest. Simply call your operator and tell them that you’re unhappy with your current tariff. Say the tariff is way too expensive for you. Inquire about their best tariff available, if their offer isn’t good for you, be frank with them. This trick can work quite very well as there are always special discounts or better packages for persistent customers. And most importantly, never forget to ask for a phone upgrade, and if they insist on not offering, mention about leaving for their competitors.

Speak to customer retentions

When the first step landed you to what you refer to as the disconnections department, you have to work out smartly. Most mobile companies actually refer to disconnections as the ‘customer retentions’. The real job of the mobile network is to keep their clients, and due to that, they possess more discretion to achieve that. When you get connected to their ‘better package’, repeat your scheme to get connected to a much better package or deal. This way you should get a better offer that matches the best tariffs openly available in the market. The customer retentions have much power since the vast majority in UK have mobile phones. Therefore, winning clients isn’t a bigger deal, the deal lies in winning and retaining them from their competitors.

If they say ‘No!’

Sometimes the second step might not just work to your expectations. In the case that it happens, don’t feel obligated to disconnecting. If your bluffing is retaliated with a “Sorry, that’s not possible, we will arrange for your disconnection!” just think of a way out. Give them an “OK, I need to think over it and get back to you!”That will be an easier way out. However, if they are offering better packages or deals, you may consider going through the hassle and changing the package, on your conditions and not theirs.

It’s not also surprising to keep calling and land on a different customer support agent who may offer you a different response beyond your anticipation. It’s however crucial to use these strategies with crafty move. You should use good timing. Aim to practice your haggling strategies around a month earlier before expiration of your current contract. This is the most realistic time to ditch and disconnect.

You should have knowledge of your current mobile usage. This will be essential to landing on a good deal. Bear in mind that many packages usually come with unlimited talk time and texts, but only for the heavy users. Always research on deals and offers that your network provider and their competitors are offering. It is a way of being armed with knowledge that will help you tackle your providers for better deals.

Microsoft Releases the Beta Version of Cortana for Android

Nokia Lumia 930 review (11)-970-80

Digital assistants give you an incredible means of getting access to information with the least hassle. The earlier versions were not as much useful, including the Apple’s Siri. Siri seemed like not to understand the commands of her user. When provided with a good knowledge of the user’s personal life, these digital assistants can perform some tremendous tasks, having undergone a number of improvements on their voice recognition algorithms especially in noisy environments.

Android users have all the reasons to smile as the Cortana beta version release to the public hits the markets. Cortana is a digital personal assistant that came in with the launch of Windows 10 late July, 2015. The release of Cortana was made to the public by Microsoft, though it comes a little different from its native environment of Windows. For instance, the launch phrase in Windows 10, “Hey Cortana” is only available for Windows, as the company stated.

UK users are yet to get the new digital personal assistance experience as users in US can sign up for the program by simply visiting the link on Google Play Store. Cortana beta version for android is yet to be rolled out for other markets; soon UK users will have the chance for an encounter with the personal assistant. As the company stated, Apple device users all over the globe will have to be a little patient as the company looks into developing the iOS version of Cortana.

Early 2015, March precisely, Microsoft had announced that they were working on an improved version of Cortana for both Android and iOS. The popular program became known in April, 2014 as an answer to the voice powered assistants, Google Now and Siri by Google and Apple respectively. Cortana made its debut in UK in September 2014 via the launch of Lumia 735. Lumia 735 was the first Smartphone availed for sale in UK with a pre-installed Windows 8.1.

The new Cortana beta release is designed to complete the mundane tasks of an everyday life such as reminders for notifications of particular tasks at certain times, making calls and conducting searches in the web. When you grant Cortana access to your calendar, calls, messages, emails, various accounts, contacts as well as web browsing history, Cortana can work out plenty of tasks you’ve never imagined of. With authorization, they assemble a picture of your likes, where you are likely to be, and what you are likely to need next. You can command her to call people using their names or relationship. It can also add automatically make calendar entries for you, or you can choose to do it manually. Of course, why should you do it if you can have it done for you by Cortana?

Everyone might be wondering whether Google created room for its own competition as Cortana is a direct competitor to the popular Google Now, the digital personal assistant that is built in Android devices. It’s a matter of time before UK users and the rest of the world find out the need to make a leap towards a different technology.

Tips on Securing Bad Credit Mobile Phones


Are you experiencing problems getting yourself a mobile phone due to a severe history on your credits? You are not alone as many more are going through your shoes as well. With a bad credit, it is certainly very tricky to find mobile phone contract acceptances can assist you get approvals today for a wide range of mobile phone contracts with your poor credit scores. Probably, you must be wondering if that’s possible. You are not being guaranteed an approval; instead, the process of getting approvals with the preeminent mobile phone networks in UK is made easier.

A bigger percentage of mobile phone contract applications are accepted with PhonesForAll, despite a bad credit history. They have highly unsurpassed acceptance rates in the market as they make it possible for all their clients to find the best phones with the most suitable tariff deals to suit all their needs. PhonesForAll are experts dealing with all prominent mobile phone networks across UK such as T-Mobile, O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3 Mobile and Virgin Mobile. PhonesForAll has a strong business relation with these eminent mobile networks in UK, making it much easier for all clients seeking mobile phone contracts via their firm to be accepted.

Whether you have faced rejections from elsewhere due to your bad credit history or other reasons, you need no room for worries. It is however very much important to make it clear that acceptance by a mobile network company is not guaranteed as each of these companies have their own regulations towards credit checking. PhonesForAll also does not have the right to make decisions on behalf of the companies on whose applications to approve or reject. What the firm does is to give you guidance and show you the best phone deals with the highest rates of approval. Through continuous research, feedback from clients and most importantly the good relationship with the companies are what make it easier for you to land on an approval.

The application process is very simple and straightforward. To get you started, you have to fill in the contact form and start getting recommendations immediately. Apart from just relying on PhonesForAll for an acceptance, its better off when you combine the effort with a number of good tips to make your chances of acceptance higher.

One essential and practical tip is to never apply for high end devices, such as Samsung Galaxy Note III and the sorts from Apple such as iPhone 5S. At least for the period of time you are still struggling with the bad credit scores. Poor credit scores usually undermine every effort of getting approval for a mobile phone contract, let alone with the expensive gadgets. So, when you apply for the least expensive handsets, your chances of approval are high.

Go for the SIM only mobile phone contracts. SIM only gives you similar benefits as a typical phone contract; the difference comes in that the former is without the mobile handset. Simply purchase a mobile phone outright, or maintain your old device and you are sure to get an acceptance.

Be ready to issue a deposit. Some networks may demand that you provide a security deposit, which may also vary depending on the handset you go for. Your chances of getting approval go hand in hand with the amount of deposit you are willing to provide. Don’t worry about paying higher deposits as you will be able to get your money back, if you get to pay your bills as they fall due.

Sometimes the above tactics may not work on your favor. Under such a circumstance, finding a guarantor might be a better option for you. If you manage to find a guarantor, the mobile network will instead use that person’s credit score. If you find a willing family or friend whose credit score is good, your chances of getting a mobile phone contract with a company will be higher.

It is also advisable to develop the conviction of fixing your bad credits. Always pay your dues on time, maintain low balances and larger spacing of credit applications. Soon you’ll begin to realize great improvements.

Latest Apple iPhone Security Flaws: What You didn’t Know


Most iPhone users around UK have been paying dearly to fix their Apple iPhones from malicious hacking. Paying for a 15 seconds fix with £30 can be a real forfeiture. Malicious hack of iPhones include a number of security breaches, which include scams from 2014 that saw many sending money to unverified accounts online with the simplest persuasion trick. This year, hackers seem to have grown wiser and have come up with a ‘toll-free’ phone contact to facilitate payments. During a normal browsing, a crash report window pops up displaying a message that the iOS crashed due to a third party application. The user is then directed to a toll-free 0800 number where they are persuaded to make payments.

The vulnerability of iOS devices to hack attacks has been tackled by Apple through different update releases that fixed the bugs. However, as soon as an update fix is released, another hack comes in. A recent release by researchers revealed a very important security flaw that hackers take advantage of to steal important data such as app passwords and Apple Keychain on iOS devices as well as Mac.

The security flaws called cross-app resource access attacks (XARA), are stated to affect all mobile devices, MacBook and Macs. This is because the Keychain service in these devices is used for passwords storage. The security flaws compromises the safety of confidential information on Apple applications such as Evernote, Facebook and WeChat.

The worst part of it is that Apple received a report on the security flaws in October 2014, and in February 2015, a detailed report was also submitted as requested, but the flaws are still present in the latest releases of both iOS and MAC OSX operating systems.

Security experts have warned that Apple needs to start beefing up their security measures by looking into defense technologies that are automated in order to detect any security flaws. The problem that most technology related organizations face is that whenever a flaw is detected, these companies instead impose reactive measures. Zero-day flaws should ring a bell to organizations to embrace the implementation of the automated defense mechanism to mitigate damage before it actually occurs.

The automated defense technology is the next generation of cyber defense. Cyber defense is a solution that reduces the risks that come with weakness of inherent information technology infrastructure. This is because all cyber criminals always device methods of sneaking around the security options set. Some also work hard to discover loopholes existing in commonly used systems by corporates and consumers. The danger that comes forth with these vulnerabilities is that they can be transformed into weapons that subvert the systems in target. As such organizations, including Apple need to keep their pace by adopting the automated defense technology.

Several companies from UK who discovered these security flaws in Apple devices contacted Apple on the matter and the answers are yet to be received. It is the hope of these companies that Apple will respond to adoption of the automated defense technology to ensure that their yet to come devices remain free from the security vulnerabilities.

2015 Sensational Apple Mobile Phone Launches Still To Come


If there is one bumper year that has encountered launch of one of the trendiest smartphones is 2015. New Smartphone launches has occurred throughout the year, but the best are yet to come for late 2015, early 2016. This is a round-up of some of the best brand new smartphones that are yet to be launched for UK markets in the next few weeks. These top brands are from the top names of the Smartphone technology giants including HTC, LG, Samsung, Nexus, iPhones, Windows Phones and Huawei. The following reviews the top smartphones from the Smartphone technology giants, Apple and Google.

Apple iPhone 6s

The countdown for the launch of the best Apple technology is underway. iPhone 6s set for launch on 9th September, 2015 will be available for sale a few weeks after the launch. This trendy Apple technology will be running the brand new operating system, iOS 9. All the ‘S’ improvements have always based their upgrades on the performance, but the still to come iPhone 6S is rumored to shift its focus on a whole different approach. Apple will focus the improvements of the ‘S’ series of their iPhones on the camera for the 2015 iPhone yet to come. The camera will be equipped with a 12MP lens for the back camera. The phone will also be available in different color picks, including pink. The screen is expected to maintain the same 4.7in size. The storage options will also be available as for the past launches, 16 GB.

It seems like everything will be the same, then why is it considered as the most exciting release of Smartphone yet to come? Well, there are a number of improvements, including an A9 processor and a 2GB RAM. That’s a great deal on speed and performance. What’s more is that it will also implement a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which will play a great role in differentiating a press from a tap.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

9th September, 2015 will not only feature the launch of iPhone 6S only, but we are also anticipating the launch of a larger iPhone 6S Plus. The notable difference between this Apple technology and iPhone 6S will be the screen size. iPhone 6S Plus will feature a 5.5in screen size. It is also anticipated to have newer color options, don’t be surprised to see the rose gold typical to Apple Watch. Other color surprises include pink. Apple will be focusing on increasing the durability of iPhone 6S Plus, following the “Bendgate”. Some patents have it that it is likely to be waterproof, if not tougher materials to withstand impact.

Its power will be higher than its predecessor, powered by the A9 processor inside. The possibility of a wireless charging similar to Apple Watch is also a possibility.

Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus mobile phones came in to become so popular, though the Nexus 6 in 2014 had an ending not so pleasing if not bad. It could have been so expensive for some, while for others it was way too big. Some sources have it that Google is hedging on something that could provide something for everyone. The new Google Nexus 5 is built by LG and will feature a sleek metal body, rear finger print scanner, 5.2in full HD screen, Snapdragon 620 CPU from Qualcomm, Type-C USB charging port, 4GB RAM, up to 64GB storage, 4 to 13MP cameras and front facing speakers. New Google Nexus 5 will run the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.