2015 Sensational Apple Mobile Phone Launches Still To Come


If there is one bumper year that has encountered launch of one of the trendiest smartphones is 2015. New Smartphone launches has occurred throughout the year, but the best are yet to come for late 2015, early 2016. This is a round-up of some of the best brand new smartphones that are yet to be launched for UK markets in the next few weeks. These top brands are from the top names of the Smartphone technology giants including HTC, LG, Samsung, Nexus, iPhones, Windows Phones and Huawei. The following reviews the top smartphones from the Smartphone technology giants, Apple and Google.

Apple iPhone 6s

The countdown for the launch of the best Apple technology is underway. iPhone 6s set for launch on 9th September, 2015 will be available for sale a few weeks after the launch. This trendy Apple technology will be running the brand new operating system, iOS 9. All the ‘S’ improvements have always based their upgrades on the performance, but the still to come iPhone 6S is rumored to shift its focus on a whole different approach. Apple will focus the improvements of the ‘S’ series of their iPhones on the camera for the 2015 iPhone yet to come. The camera will be equipped with a 12MP lens for the back camera. The phone will also be available in different color picks, including pink. The screen is expected to maintain the same 4.7in size. The storage options will also be available as for the past launches, 16 GB.

It seems like everything will be the same, then why is it considered as the most exciting release of Smartphone yet to come? Well, there are a number of improvements, including an A9 processor and a 2GB RAM. That’s a great deal on speed and performance. What’s more is that it will also implement a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which will play a great role in differentiating a press from a tap.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

9th September, 2015 will not only feature the launch of iPhone 6S only, but we are also anticipating the launch of a larger iPhone 6S Plus. The notable difference between this Apple technology and iPhone 6S will be the screen size. iPhone 6S Plus will feature a 5.5in screen size. It is also anticipated to have newer color options, don’t be surprised to see the rose gold typical to Apple Watch. Other color surprises include pink. Apple will be focusing on increasing the durability of iPhone 6S Plus, following the “Bendgate”. Some patents have it that it is likely to be waterproof, if not tougher materials to withstand impact.

Its power will be higher than its predecessor, powered by the A9 processor inside. The possibility of a wireless charging similar to Apple Watch is also a possibility.

Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus mobile phones came in to become so popular, though the Nexus 6 in 2014 had an ending not so pleasing if not bad. It could have been so expensive for some, while for others it was way too big. Some sources have it that Google is hedging on something that could provide something for everyone. The new Google Nexus 5 is built by LG and will feature a sleek metal body, rear finger print scanner, 5.2in full HD screen, Snapdragon 620 CPU from Qualcomm, Type-C USB charging port, 4GB RAM, up to 64GB storage, 4 to 13MP cameras and front facing speakers. New Google Nexus 5 will run the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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