How to Save Monthly Mobile Costs with Mobile Contract Haggling Tips


60% of mobile customers in UK who try to haggle for better mobile contract deals were able to negotiate for better deals. The percentage also varied with the mobile network company. For instance, 73% of Vodafone customers managed to negotiate for better deals. For your information, haggling is rather an art than a science. If you are not good at haggling, you don’t have to worry. As for good hagglers, these tips will be very handy to help them decide on a better approach of negotiating for a smart deal.

Inquire about a better tariff

This is the first step to the approach and also the simplest. Simply call your operator and tell them that you’re unhappy with your current tariff. Say the tariff is way too expensive for you. Inquire about their best tariff available, if their offer isn’t good for you, be frank with them. This trick can work quite very well as there are always special discounts or better packages for persistent customers. And most importantly, never forget to ask for a phone upgrade, and if they insist on not offering, mention about leaving for their competitors.

Speak to customer retentions

When the first step landed you to what you refer to as the disconnections department, you have to work out smartly. Most mobile companies actually refer to disconnections as the ‘customer retentions’. The real job of the mobile network is to keep their clients, and due to that, they possess more discretion to achieve that. When you get connected to their ‘better package’, repeat your scheme to get connected to a much better package or deal. This way you should get a better offer that matches the best tariffs openly available in the market. The customer retentions have much power since the vast majority in UK have mobile phones. Therefore, winning clients isn’t a bigger deal, the deal lies in winning and retaining them from their competitors.

If they say ‘No!’

Sometimes the second step might not just work to your expectations. In the case that it happens, don’t feel obligated to disconnecting. If your bluffing is retaliated with a “Sorry, that’s not possible, we will arrange for your disconnection!” just think of a way out. Give them an “OK, I need to think over it and get back to you!”That will be an easier way out. However, if they are offering better packages or deals, you may consider going through the hassle and changing the package, on your conditions and not theirs.

It’s not also surprising to keep calling and land on a different customer support agent who may offer you a different response beyond your anticipation. It’s however crucial to use these strategies with crafty move. You should use good timing. Aim to practice your haggling strategies around a month earlier before expiration of your current contract. This is the most realistic time to ditch and disconnect.

You should have knowledge of your current mobile usage. This will be essential to landing on a good deal. Bear in mind that many packages usually come with unlimited talk time and texts, but only for the heavy users. Always research on deals and offers that your network provider and their competitors are offering. It is a way of being armed with knowledge that will help you tackle your providers for better deals.

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