Microsoft Releases the Beta Version of Cortana for Android

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Digital assistants give you an incredible means of getting access to information with the least hassle. The earlier versions were not as much useful, including the Apple’s Siri. Siri seemed like not to understand the commands of her user. When provided with a good knowledge of the user’s personal life, these digital assistants can perform some tremendous tasks, having undergone a number of improvements on their voice recognition algorithms especially in noisy environments.

Android users have all the reasons to smile as the Cortana beta version release to the public hits the markets. Cortana is a digital personal assistant that came in with the launch of Windows 10 late July, 2015. The release of Cortana was made to the public by Microsoft, though it comes a little different from its native environment of Windows. For instance, the launch phrase in Windows 10, “Hey Cortana” is only available for Windows, as the company stated.

UK users are yet to get the new digital personal assistance experience as users in US can sign up for the program by simply visiting the link on Google Play Store. Cortana beta version for android is yet to be rolled out for other markets; soon UK users will have the chance for an encounter with the personal assistant. As the company stated, Apple device users all over the globe will have to be a little patient as the company looks into developing the iOS version of Cortana.

Early 2015, March precisely, Microsoft had announced that they were working on an improved version of Cortana for both Android and iOS. The popular program became known in April, 2014 as an answer to the voice powered assistants, Google Now and Siri by Google and Apple respectively. Cortana made its debut in UK in September 2014 via the launch of Lumia 735. Lumia 735 was the first Smartphone availed for sale in UK with a pre-installed Windows 8.1.

The new Cortana beta release is designed to complete the mundane tasks of an everyday life such as reminders for notifications of particular tasks at certain times, making calls and conducting searches in the web. When you grant Cortana access to your calendar, calls, messages, emails, various accounts, contacts as well as web browsing history, Cortana can work out plenty of tasks you’ve never imagined of. With authorization, they assemble a picture of your likes, where you are likely to be, and what you are likely to need next. You can command her to call people using their names or relationship. It can also add automatically make calendar entries for you, or you can choose to do it manually. Of course, why should you do it if you can have it done for you by Cortana?

Everyone might be wondering whether Google created room for its own competition as Cortana is a direct competitor to the popular Google Now, the digital personal assistant that is built in Android devices. It’s a matter of time before UK users and the rest of the world find out the need to make a leap towards a different technology.

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