Tips on Securing Bad Credit Mobile Phones


Are you experiencing problems getting yourself a mobile phone due to a severe history on your credits? You are not alone as many more are going through your shoes as well. With a bad credit, it is certainly very tricky to find mobile phone contract acceptances can assist you get approvals today for a wide range of mobile phone contracts with your poor credit scores. Probably, you must be wondering if that’s possible. You are not being guaranteed an approval; instead, the process of getting approvals with the preeminent mobile phone networks in UK is made easier.

A bigger percentage of mobile phone contract applications are accepted with PhonesForAll, despite a bad credit history. They have highly unsurpassed acceptance rates in the market as they make it possible for all their clients to find the best phones with the most suitable tariff deals to suit all their needs. PhonesForAll are experts dealing with all prominent mobile phone networks across UK such as T-Mobile, O2, Orange, Vodafone, 3 Mobile and Virgin Mobile. PhonesForAll has a strong business relation with these eminent mobile networks in UK, making it much easier for all clients seeking mobile phone contracts via their firm to be accepted.

Whether you have faced rejections from elsewhere due to your bad credit history or other reasons, you need no room for worries. It is however very much important to make it clear that acceptance by a mobile network company is not guaranteed as each of these companies have their own regulations towards credit checking. PhonesForAll also does not have the right to make decisions on behalf of the companies on whose applications to approve or reject. What the firm does is to give you guidance and show you the best phone deals with the highest rates of approval. Through continuous research, feedback from clients and most importantly the good relationship with the companies are what make it easier for you to land on an approval.

The application process is very simple and straightforward. To get you started, you have to fill in the contact form and start getting recommendations immediately. Apart from just relying on PhonesForAll for an acceptance, its better off when you combine the effort with a number of good tips to make your chances of acceptance higher.

One essential and practical tip is to never apply for high end devices, such as Samsung Galaxy Note III and the sorts from Apple such as iPhone 5S. At least for the period of time you are still struggling with the bad credit scores. Poor credit scores usually undermine every effort of getting approval for a mobile phone contract, let alone with the expensive gadgets. So, when you apply for the least expensive handsets, your chances of approval are high.

Go for the SIM only mobile phone contracts. SIM only gives you similar benefits as a typical phone contract; the difference comes in that the former is without the mobile handset. Simply purchase a mobile phone outright, or maintain your old device and you are sure to get an acceptance.

Be ready to issue a deposit. Some networks may demand that you provide a security deposit, which may also vary depending on the handset you go for. Your chances of getting approval go hand in hand with the amount of deposit you are willing to provide. Don’t worry about paying higher deposits as you will be able to get your money back, if you get to pay your bills as they fall due.

Sometimes the above tactics may not work on your favor. Under such a circumstance, finding a guarantor might be a better option for you. If you manage to find a guarantor, the mobile network will instead use that person’s credit score. If you find a willing family or friend whose credit score is good, your chances of getting a mobile phone contract with a company will be higher.

It is also advisable to develop the conviction of fixing your bad credits. Always pay your dues on time, maintain low balances and larger spacing of credit applications. Soon you’ll begin to realize great improvements.

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